• Place Loggos, Aliveri, Prefecture of Evia, Τ.Κ.34500

Focus on Irrigation

Our company, newly established in the field of irrigation systems, was established in 2014, with the sole purpose of serving the needs for quality irrigation of crops throughout the country. Our many years of experience in designing, procuring and installing any irrigation work has prompted us to create an enterprise that aims to maximize plant growth with as little water as possible. Wiring accessories, drippers, micro-jets and sprinklers, as well as the Ardeusis trapezoidal irrigation pipes, cover the broadest range of the market and guarantee full success to our partners.

Sprinklers and micro-sprinklers for irrigation of vegetables, vegetables, potatoes, onions, etc. Irrigation pipes for water transport. Drops for dripping irrigated large and smaller agricultural crops. Adjustable and self-regulating seeders for gardens and tree crops. Valves, vanes, shafts, bolts, locks and accessories for connecting all of the above products. Filters to clean water and prevent any form of blockage.

Rotors and static sprinklers, electrovalves, battery and power irrigation programmers, simple and waterproof for automatic watering in gardens and green fields. Now we go smart irrigation the latest technology with infrared programmers operating on our mobile phone.